My favorite foods are a mix between scrumptious and delicious. They’re delumptious! Some examples are: cheese, poached eggs with polenta and kale, kiwi, grapefruit, cinnamonsugar (obviously,) and lots more!

I also love good-ole classics, such  as homemade mac ‘n’ cheese (no Kraft for me!), pancakes (with peanut butter and syrup; if you haven’t tried that combo, you’re missing out), chocolate-chip cookies (with sea salt on top) and many more!

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Port Salut and Beyond

My favorite food is cheese.  It can be spreadable, sliceable, or gratable. It comes in so many different flavors and goes great with so many things.  So, for my birthday I decided to have a cheese testing session with my family.


First we had Port Salut.  It is a pale yellowish,white and is a spreadable cheese. I ate it on a baguette. Next we had Camembert.  It is a whiteish color and has a nutty taste.  It is a soft cheese that I had with a baguette and some apricot jam.  Tierno is a soft cheese with an oaky taste.  It has just a touch of sharpness and is white.  I ate this on a pita crisp.  Semicurado is a darkish white and is semi-soft.  It has a salty sharp taste and I ate it with a pita crisp.  Next I had Curado.  It was hard and chunky with an oaky flavor.  It was bone white and I ate it on a whole wheat cracker.  Queso manchego is bone white, semi-hard, and oaky.  I ate this on a whole wheat cracker.  Slightly salty flavored cheese is Manchego.  This is bone white and the texture is like a chunky cream.  I had this with a rustic baguette and quince paste (quince is a fruit, you have to try it.)

I love cheese!  There is always a new kind try and they go on sandwiches, pasta and so many other things!

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Hot, Medium, or Mild?

My church was having a chili cookoff and I wanted to make chili.  I searched my cookbooks and found a good recipe.  To this I added some adjustments and soon it was ready to be cooked.  With garbanzo beans, dark kidney beans, white kidney beans, and black beans, this chili soon got the name Maddie’s Four Bean Chili.  It was actually a lot easier to make than I thought and it was really fun.  At the cookoff  I got the prize for Most Colorful along with compliments from the people who knew I made it.  By the time the cookoff was over I was stuffed and my crockpot was empty.


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A Delicious Winter

So far I have had a delicious winter.  My first treat I made was dark chocolate, white chocolate and peppermint chocolates.  Then me and my mom made orange, pistachio chocolate dipped biscotti, chocolate chunk, peppermint cookies, and glittering lemon sandwich cookies.  We are also making cinnamon rolls and brioche.  On top of that, there is still advent candy to be eaten and Santa is sure to fill my stocking with treats.  My taste buds must be in paradise.


Peppermint Chocolates

Get some silicone cupcake holders and cover bottom thinly with crushed peppermint chips.  Melt white choc0late and add some mint exract to the white chocolate until it is minty enough to your liking.  Then pour white chocolate in the cupcake holders half way. Stick in the fridge until they are set and slightly hard.  While they are in the fridge melt some dark chocolate.  When set, take out white chocolate and pour dark chocolate over.  Stick in fridge again and take out when dark chocolate is slightly hardened.  You are now free to eat!

Chocolate Chunk Peppermint Cookies

Take your favorite chocolate chip recipe and add cocoa powder and crushed peppermint chips!

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Happy, But Sad

One of my favorite places to relax, eat a treat and talk with my family is Fruttia. I love their deicious  frozen yogurt and fresh fruit. When you hear frozen yogurt you may be thinking of that stuff at Sweet Tomatoes (that stuff isn’t frozen yogurt, no matter what they say.) No, this frozen yogurt has a tangy, yet sweet taste. And a lucky bonus, fresh fruit, which adds more flavor. I just can’t stop craving the delicious taste of frozen yogurt and to savor the creaminess melting in your mouth.

By now, your mouth must be watering, mine is just by writing this article. Brace yourselves. Fruttia closed down. Luckily, there are thousands of other places left like the Red Mango, Ocean Blue, Golden Spoon, and Lunaberry. Of course there are other frozen treats too. My personal favorite is gelato, but that is a topic for another day. Farewell Fruttia! Toodloo!

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Easter Pebbles

Alright, I know it’s May, but I’ve been having camera problems and just got access to these pictures. So you could call these Spring Eggs, aka, Spring Pebbles.

On Easter everyone met at my grandparents’ house to eat and celebrate. My family was bringing a fruit platter and we decided to add a homemade treat. So we looked on Martha Stewart’s website and found something. Dark chocolate coated in white chocolate (white chocolate was dyed blue) and was supposed to look like Easter eggs. The recipe looked pretty easy so we decided to try it.

The first step was to cut up the dark chocolate and melt it. Then we cooled it in the refrigerator. When that was done we were to shape the refrigerated chocolate into Easter eggs.The chocolate just started melting and looked like a bunch of globs. Finally, my mom had the idea where we would smush the chocolate between two plastic spoons. This gave us a pretty good egg shape. We dipped the eggs in the white chocolate and let them sit. The next morning, we took the eggs to my grand parents house. They didn’t look a thing like Easter eggs but like oddly shaped pebbles. They were delicious.

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Meatballs? What Meatballs?

I’ve always had spaghetti with tomato sauce and nothing else. You may be thinking that I forgot the meatball part, but nope, I didn’t forget the meatballs. I never eat meatballs. It’s never come to mind that I needed meatballs and I don’t think I’ve ever really liked them. One day that changed. My friend was coming over and we decided to make meatballs.


My mom made the spaghetti and the sauce. It was fun making them. We got to put in tomato paste (I’ve always thought the little tomato paste jar was pretty cute) and the meat and all the other ingredients.


Then came the squishy and cold part. We would squish around the meat and shape it into little balls. We finished that step and put the meatballs in boiling water. Then we took them out and placed them in the spaghetti. Finally it was time to eat. Boy, was it good! It was plain, but appetizing and it gave me a full stomach. Then I decided that meatballs would have to become a necessity.

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